Master Your Admin Area: WordPress Screen Options 101

I’m the type of person who tries out new software and clicks every single thing I can, but just in case you’re not, I’m here to encourage you to do that more often. More specifically, have you clicked on the WordPress Screen Options tab at the top right of your WordPress admin area?

Screen Options allows you to decide which widgets are displayed on any given page within your dashboard. Check the box next to any one you’d like to see on your screen.

Blog Bestie's Master Your WordPress Admin Area: Screen Options 101

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Edit WordPress Screen Options

Clean up your dashboard.

When you first login to your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see the latest news, recent activity from your site, stats, and some other things… not all of which you’ll necessarily pay much attention to. If there’s something there you find yourself scrolling past, remove it! You can also click and drag the areas around to put the ones that are most important to you at the top.

Reduce clutter on Posts & Pages lists.

When you to to your “All Posts” area and see the list of your posts, are there columns of information there you routinely ignore? See if you can hide them. This is especially handy if you’ve installed a plugin that adds details there that you don’t actually want. Same goes for Pages.

Here’s what my Screen Options on Pages looks like:

Blog Bestie's Screen Options on the Pages screen

Customize your post editor.

By default WordPress shows a lot of things you may not need in your post editor. Take a few minutes to customize it to your needs. This is particularly useful if you have plugins that add areas to this screen installed — you can reorder where those appear on the page to best fit your post creation routine. (For example, my Yoast info is directly below where I write my post, so I can easily see it as I draft, while my social media scheduling tool is near the bottom, since I write the tweets and stuff last.)

Edit Screen Options in other places too.

Use the above ideas to get started. As you move around your WordPress dash, check Screen Options anytime to see if there’s anything you can remove (or add!) to make that particular screen a better fit for your workflow.

If you’re going to spend so much time in your admin area working on your site, why not make it look and work the way you want it to?

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