Blogging Tips: Tasks to Manage Your Blog in 10 Minutes

Found 10 spare minutes in your day? The blogging tips listed below will fit in your tiny time slot, while helping you to keep on top of all the tasks that go along with blogging. Because we all know it’s not all writing content.

Blog Bestie's Blogging Tips, Tasks to Manage Your Blog in Ten Minutes

Blogging Tips to Fill 10 Minutes:

  • Make a blogging to-do list for the week.
  • Respond to as many comments as you can.
  • Send or reply to that one blogging-related email you’ve put off.
  • Declutter your favorite blogging spot and make sure it’s cozy enough for your upcoming long blogging sessions.
  • Find an old post to update (maybe with a new, Pin-worthy image?) and add it to your to-do list.
  • Write tweets for upcoming posts or to publicize a few older posts.
  • Follow five new Twitter or Instagram accounts in your niche.
  • Look for inspiration! Browse Pinterest, open a magazine, read blogs, check the news.
  • Snap a behind-the-scenes photo and share on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Read! Step away from your computer and read. For fun, for learning, whatever. It’ll refresh your brain for more blogging later. 😉

You can handle that, right?

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Do you have more than 10 minutes? Or are you a new blogger wondering about tasks to help you start your new blog off on the right foot? Check out 5 Easy Must-Do Tasks For New Bloggers. (If your blog has been around a while, check the list to make sure you’ve done these!)

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